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The objectives of the Union

–  In accordance with Article 6 of the statute of the Union, the Union aims to strengthen bonds of friendship, fellowship and brotherhood within context of positive relations between individual judges of the Arab States through:

(A) Supporting judges in defending their rights and protecting them from any violation.

(B) To consecrate and support the independence of the judicial system in all Arab countries in cooperation with judicial, legislative and executive authorities and work towards the establishment of Arab standards for the independence of the judicial system.

(C) To contribute in the expansion of the legal awareness of members of the Union and to strengthen their capacity in various legal fields.

(D) Building a privileged relationship with Arab, regional and international organizations concerned with judicial affairs, rights and freedoms;

(E)- To work on issuing a code of judicial conduct in accordance with international standards, taking into account the Arab privacy.

(F) Organizing any other activities to achieve respect for judicial resolutions & respect judicial presence in all Arab countries.

(G) To support the unified Arab judiciary qualification for judges.

(H) To promote the social engagement of Arab judges in order to ensure that the Arab judge enjoys the advantages enjoyed by every judge in any legal foundation in accordance with the regulation.


In accordance with Article 7 of the Statute, and in order to achieve the objectives set forth in the previous article, the Union is entitled to commence scientific activities, rights and services of the members of the Union through:

(A) Holding legal and judicial conferences, symposia and workshops in cooperation with associations, Foundations & judicial unions constituting the Union, and international judicial unions.

(B) Participation in regional and international conferences concerned with judicial & legal matters & enshrining public rights and freedoms

(C) Establishment of a periodic journal in which research, articles and judicial decisions shall be published, as well as the establishment of a comprehensive legal library, an electronic digital library and a website for the Union to serve as a tool for communication and distribution of scientific culture in general.

(D) Enriching legal thought from the perspective of judicial culture and encouraging legal and judicial authorship and translation.

(E) – Exchange of visits between judges of Arab countries and encouraging communication and cooperation, exchange of experience and training of judges in all legal fields.

(H) Any other activities that are in congruence with objectives of the Union.