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Definition of the Union:

The Arab Union of Judges is a network of Arab judicial societies formed in accordance with the provisions of Tunisian Decree No. 88 of 2011 headquarters located in Tunis, officially registered in the Republic of Tunisia.

The Union was established in accordance with the resolution of the Constitutive Council held in Tunisia on 22 September of the year 2018.

The Constitution was ratified by twelve Arab judicial structures from several Arab countries: Tunisia, Morocco, Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine, Libya and Mauritania, with the participation of a judge from the Sultanate of Oman.

The Sudanese Prosecutors’ Association from Sudan, a Board of Directors was elected at the constitutive council by the Union’s General Assembly, such Board shall have a term of three years, The Union is considered the first Arab civil judicial organization to operate in a regional context and conduct joint Arab judicial cooperation, and seeks to establish partnerships with international human rights institutions to achieve the objectives of the Union.