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Towards supporting the common Arab judicial struggle

By Union President Judge Dr. Ahmed Al-Ashqar

The idea of ​​establishing the Arab Union of Judges was not just a propaganda luxury, but a true embodiment of the strong will of Arab judges, men and women, in this great Arab Nation to establish the first Arab judicial body on a regional level. Such idea that transformed into tangible reality was born of the core belief in what the supreme judicial message holds of values ​​of justice, righteousness and equality, towards the joint Arab judicial struggle to protect and promote the independence of individual and institutional judicial entities, and in support of the principle of segregation of powers. The Union thus constitutes the first real beacon on the Arab judicial scene.

The Arab Union of Judges has since its beginnings supported the role of Arab societies, unions and associations in the judicial struggle, & the hope that such movement carries to consolidate the Arab brotherhood relation on the basis of common Arab concern in facing the challenges of exclusion, marginalization, oppression and abolition. Today is the glorious inauguration of the Union as a vital player in the Arab Legal Movement., in order to place the Arab judges at the center of the scene and render them the main constituent and impetus of the construction process that is founded upon the respect for principle of the rule of law and strengthening the role of the judicial system in the protection of public rights and freedoms.

The Arab Union of Judges holds in high belief along with it’s constituent structures the fundamental role played by the judges in reinforcing the concepts of Arab public awareness against ascendancy upon the achievements of our Arab civil nation and supporting the instruments of cooperative Arab action in order to improve Arab judicial institutions. & enforce General Arab Judicial struggle as an embodiment of individual & community rights, in support of constitutional rights in theory and practice, and the emphasis on the capacity of Arab judges through their representative structures to act effectively in the frame of joint Arab judicial action to uphold the principle of the rule of law and independence of the judicial system, and to enable Arab judges to access strongholds of effective unified Arab cooperation in order to achieve their rightful claims and the joint struggle of defending their independence, their immunities and their dignity.

The establishment of the Arab Union of Judges is in itself an Arab collective achievement. the repercussions of such achievement are not limited to a specific structure or individual, but rather spread to the entire Arab juridical and legal scene. The idea of ​​establishing an Arab Union of Judges has always consumed a fair domain in the thought and mindset of many Arab judges and structures, and perhaps there have been previous attempts that weren’t successful towards achieving the great birth of this Union, since the idea of ​​incorporation has always been a captive of contemplation without any tangible course of action, and perhaps there had been no will to face the upcoming challenges, both expected and unexpected, not to mention the fact that collaborative Arab work is often exposed in it’s beginnings to  doubts and fears related to the general situation that our Great Arab Nation is going through .


The Arab judges are the sons of this Arab crisis, the effects of which are reflected upon all aspects of life of the Arab citizen and its institutions, including judges and judicial institutions. We, as judges, believe in the role of the judge in protection of public rights and freedoms, such role is a constitutional right provided for by several constitutions, from such starting point we regard the Union as an Arab Judicial & Legal Institution that must play an effective role in supporting the independence of individual and institutional judicial authorities, & promote the principle of segregation of powers, & participate in promoting the right of judges to freedom of opinion and expression, and in their right to form associations and to practice congregational action, & shall reflect as a consequence upon the role of the individual judge in protecting human rights  the Union shall also have a social and interconnecting role. As we aim to strengthen ties of brotherhood and Arab judicial interdependence and benefit from the exchange of experiences and knowledge in the human rights fields, especially those related to the judicial work, away from any projections of any political agenda. Such union shall play a role in discarding any differences & unifying opinions  , respecting the role of national structures and supporting them according to the specificity of each state and structure, so that the Union role shall complement the efforts of these structures and not substitute for them. Our intervention shall be in any judicial movement consistent with national laws of such countries, their constitutional values & principles, I full cooperation with  organizing & founding structures of the union, We earnestly hope  & firmly believe that we shall be a qualitative addition promoting the status of the judicial authority in the participating countries, and shall protect any Arab judicial achievement that is in accordance with universally recognized principles of independence of the judicial system. God willing, with the collective participation of all concerned entities, we shall be able to fulfill such responsibility, that shall certainly be reflected on the human rights situation in the Arab world.
The Arab Union of Judges, launched a few weeks earlier its strategic plan for the Union and participated in discussions with a large number of regional and international human rights organizations. It is now launching its website as the first specialized judicial website, managed solely by judicial administrators, established purely through arduous personal efforts, to shine as a beacon that brings together the interests of Arab Judges wherever they may be, the website shall represent the union as an official platform for the union, the union thus declaring that it begun to transfer its objectives from the theory to reality, and began to actively discuss and deliberate with many institutions and organizations of human rights, and shall commence work to sign memoranda and agreements of cooperation in line with the vision & objectives of the Union, and the coming days will be filled with work and forums to further enhance the effectiveness of the Union, and expand its presence, representation and ability to influence, in order to protect the independence of the judicial system, and to promote joint Arab judicial action.

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