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A statement issued by the Arab Union of Judges concerning “prejudice to the guarantees granted to judges in Lebanon”

The Arab Union of Judges followed closely the activity of judges of Lebanon in the face of proposals to undermine the guarantees of judges. In this context, the Arab Union of Judges emphasizes the following:

  1. The Basic Principles on the Independence of the Judicial system, promulgated by United Nations General Assembly resolutions 40/32 of 29 November 1985 and 40/146 of 13 December 1985, such provisions rendered the judiciary an independent authority with the right to administrative & financial independence, Such right is inseparable from the individual and institutional independence of the judicial system, and that no other authority, whether legislative or executive, is prejudicial to the guarantees and funds of judges under any justification, as such rights are considered an integral part of their independence. Article 20 of the Lebanese Constitution ratifies such independence.
  2. Social security, along with the actual moral independence of judges, are the integral entry points for the fight against corruption in the state of law, and thus must be strengthened in order to achieve the desired results of any genuine efforts to reduce expenditures affecting state finances. Such continued interference in the rights of judicial authority is not in congruence with the State’s declared efforts to fight corruption 
  3. The Association of the Judges of Lebanon, in the light of its statement of 29 April, expressed a deep understanding of the role of judges in supporting economic stability and efforts to fight corruption. The fact that any authority is acting in violation of their guarantees is in essence a serious violation of their independence, & a mockery of the concept of judicial authority as an independent authority through dealing with judges as public sector employees and thus subject to decisions of other authorities.

In addition to the aforementioned, the Arab Union of Judges expresses its full support for the strife of judges in Lebanon to be implemented on Monday 5/5/2019 and all the actions and stands conducted by the Lebanese Judges Association. The Union also affirms its it’s close follow-up of all developments in this regard, The Union hereby calls all concerned authorities in the Lebanese state, to deal with the judicial system as an independent constitutional authority, in par with other authorities, because it is of paramount importance to support and focus the efforts of the Lebanese state in overcoming the current crises, the union  hopes that Lebanon shall always remain prosperous through efforts of its devoted citizens.

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